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    Ideal Boiler Breakdown – 10 Things You Can Do To Fix the Situation

    Facing an Ideal boiler breakdown can be a rather intimidating prospect at any time but during the winter season. These breakdowns can be disturbing times. But, they are part of life as these boilers are very sophisticated. They can face any defect at any moment. So, you need to get yourself ready rather than reacting to face those situations.

     Here are ten steps you can take to fix the situation:

     Stay Calm and Safe

    The first thing that experts should tell anyone facing such a situation is to avoid getting angry. Panic creates opportunities for emotional action, which can result in dangerous decisions and actions. Make sure there is no risk to yourself by ensuring that the environment is safe and that there are no signs of a hazard, such as a gas leak.

    Check the Power Supply

    Sometimes, it may only be power-related, which is usually a cause of problems in any system. First, ensure that the boiler is not disconnected from the power outlet, and if it is, plug it into the wall and turn the switch on. At times, you might need to flip the breakers in the fuse box; make sure you find any that had been pulled out and flip them back on. It is basic, but one must initially check whether power is supplied to the boiler.

    Inspect the Thermostat

    It can also be man-made and simple enough to check whether the thermostat has been tampered with and set to the appropriate temperature. Check if there is power in the thermostat or not; and if you doubt its ability to work effectively, then inquire more on the same. A low thermostat battery is another of the reasons that may result in a malfunctioning of the boiler.

    Examine the Pressure Gauge

    There are also great variations regarding desirable pressure ranges in an ideal boiler. Aim for the required pressure, which should be (1-2) bars based on a digital pressure gauge. If the pressure is low, then it is recommended to re-pressurize the hydraulic system for improved performance. There is always a section on such documents called ‘First Time Use’ detailing how you can safely do this.

    Look for Error Codes

    Modern Ideal boilers have a display that lights up to show an error number in case of an error. Most boilers come with a quick reference guide on their top control panel that helps decipher the error message displayed. This can help you focus on what you have a problem with and whether you can correct it.

    Reset the Boiler

    In some cases, a straightforward solution involving re-starting the boiler may suffice. To troubleshoot this problem, shut down the boiler, wait for several minutes, and reopen it. Resetting the Boiler When your boiler does not heat water as it should, follow these steps: Follow the boiler’s manual to complete the reset process. After setting a reset to the boiler, if it starts working, you should closely observe it in a bid not to repeat the same problem.

     Check the Pilot Light

    Ensure the pilot light is on in case one is within the older models of Ideal boilers. If it’s off, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions first. This instruction is important to relight it. If you have problems with the flame, turn off the appliance. Try to relight it after it cools down for a moment.  let it cool for some time, and then attempt to relight it by following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you notice or smell the smell of gas, do not attempt this, and don’t if you have no idea how to do it.

    1. Inspect for Frozen Pipes

    Yet, during the cold period, one of the main functions of the condensate pipe may freeze, causing the boiler to stop working. The dead end indicates that the pipe might be frozen, so take some time to thaw the pipe using warm water, not hot water. One should also take some initiative to avoid further pipe freezing problems in the future, such as covering the pipe.

    1. Bleed the Radiators

    If your radiators are not heating to the required temperature, then air trapped in the system may be blocking them. Open the vents on the radiators and drain them so that air that may have been trapped inside can escape. There is a small valve with a special key. Open this key until hissing occurs and close it when pouring water starts.

    Call a Professional

    Yet, if you approach your boiler and follow all the above steps and your boiler is still not working, then it’s high time you seek the services of qualified personnel. Our team of certified and skilled engineers at Ecotek Property Services Gas shall assist in identifying any problem with your Ideal boiler and rectifying it in a professional manner.

    The Bottom Line:

    To overcome any Ideal Boiler Breakdown, you must reach the experts at Ecotek Property Services. Over a few years of hard work, The Company has established itself as the best place for all technical defects your Ideal Boiler faces. Speak to the help desk at the earliest and then get the right facilities at your convenience.

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      Thanks so much for providing should a fast and efficient service. Will definitely recommend you to family and friends, With best wishes Leo

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